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CoachGifts.com is a division of Cowboy Chuck Company, Inc.

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A number of years ago, I attended the end of the season party for my niece’s soccer team. The head coach was given a T-shirt that read “THANKS COACH” and her two assistants received coolers holding six-packs of sodas. The coaches seemed appreciative but I couldn’t help but feel they were a bit disappointed.

The subject of gifts came up again not long after that party. Baseball season was just about over when my wife Anita, who was the "team mom" of our son's team, wanted my ideas on what she should get for his coach. (A predictable move on her part since I was the coach.) Not wanting to run the risk of getting a cooler and sodas, I ask her to find a more personal gift; one that would help remind me of my team years from now. Anita responded, "That's easy - I'll order a trophy for you tomorrow".

I explained that a trophy wasn't the answer. Like most coaches, I would prefer to win my trophies "on the field", rather than have one handed to me as a gift. So we started looking around to see what types of personalized gifts were available for coaches. After endless searching produced few results, she decided to make her own. Anita created a personalized roster graphic for me in addition to making individual team gifts for my coaches and players. Bottom line: Everybody on my team loved their personalized team gifts, the word quickly spread and before long we were producing similar keepsakes for many of the coaches and teams in our local leagues.

CoachGifts.com is the natural evolution of this endeavor. The CoachGifts team is here for all the loyal team parents who have the job of finding a special gift for their coach and for the devoted coaches who want to give gifts to everyone associated with their own teams. I've witnessed the presentation of enough gifts to be convinced that all gifts are appreciated - but personalized gifts are treasured.

Since 1980, Michael and Anita Brown have owned and operated the Cowboy Chuck Company (www.cowboychuck.com) who were pioneers in the personalized cartoon picture business. Producing unique personalized products and providing unsurpassed customer service have been the mainstays for Cowboy Chuck Co. and the same is now true for CoachGifts.com.

For more than a decade, Michael coached a variety of sports and dozens of teams in and around Camarillo, California while Anita was the “#1 fan” of every one of those teams. Their only son Carson (Former pitcher - Moorpark College) was coached by his dad for eight years on various baseball, basketball, and soccer teams. In spite of this, they are still talking.

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